Nationwide Biweekly Administration – legit or scam

Nationwide Biweekly Administration has a heart for the community

Posted in Uncategorized by Dallas on July 19, 2012

Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greene County, Ohio is a non-profit organization that shelters and helps families get back on the right path of maintaining their livelihood. Interfaith Hospitality Network helps in the development of network operations. The mission is to be united with the community in Greene County, showing unconditional love and compassion along with setting a good example for the rest of us, by establishing a program to help fill the needs of the community.

Nationwide Biweekly Administration donated a sizable financial contribution to the Schneider House of Hope, a part of the Interfaith Hospitality Network, letting people know they are not alone when it comes to getting our community back on standing grounds. When the owner of Nationwide Biweekly Administration, Daniel Lipsky, was asked why he choose to donate to this particular cause, he stated, “I believe in the Schneider House of Hope because of how they truly help, in many different ways, families in need who are going through very difficult financial times. They represent the hands and feet of a caring community assisting our fellow-man in the time of need.” Not only does Nationwide Biweekly Administration help with eliminating interest charges on your mortgage or any other loans by offering biweekly repayment plans, they also have heart and desire to help fill the needs of the community.


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